China Building Science Conference and Green Intelligent Building Expo-”GIB Expo in Tianjin” will be held in National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin).YiMu Exhibition is a local famous exhibition stand design and trade show stand builder,providing exhibition stand design in Tianjin,Qingdao,Shenzhen,Hainan(Sanya and Haikou),Beijing,Shanghai,Xiamen,Chengdu and other cities of all China.



Trade Name:China Building Science Conference and Green Intelligent Building Expo-”GIB Expo”

Trade  date: June 24-27, 2021

Venue:National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin)

Add:No.888 Haigu Road, Jinnan District, Tianjin


NCEC(Tianjin) will hold GIB with “high starting point, high quality, whole industry, large-scale” in construction industry as its first show, presenting a gift for the 100th anniversary of the Founding of the Party.

GIB will create a theme zone of for the achievements of China’s construction industry, to display the development history and important milestones of national construction since the 13th Five-Year Plan.


As an infrastructure power, China is lack of large exhibition platform in construction industry. To implement  the spirit of the Central City Work Conference and “Two New and One Heavy" policy presented on CPPCC and NPC sessions, and An Action Plan for Green Building Construction jointly issued by 7 departments such as the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development, and the National Development and Reform Commission, and to promote the coordinated development of intelligent construction and building industrialization, China Construction Industry Association , National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) and China Academy of Building Research will jointly host the “China Building Science Conference and Green Intelligent Building Expo (GIB)”, with the theme of “Green and Intelligent Building", leading by “New Infrastructure”, focusing on cutting-edge areas, in new areas such as construction industrialization, whole process consulting, BIM and CIM technology, existing building reconstruction, green building materials, green ecological city, sponge City, smart city, etc, to establish an important platform for the implementation of the new development concept in the national construction industry, and an international promotion platform showing that Chinese architecture is moving towards “built by China, intelligent made in China, and created in China”!


As the first exhibition of the national exhibition project, the GIB with “whole industry, large scale, high starting point and high quality” has attracted great attention from the government and the industry.


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